Q1, I am not Christian. (I donft believe Jesus now.) But can I go to Church?

A1, Yes, of course. If you have never come to any church, donft worry , please come. We extra Bibles and Song Books(hymnals) available. So,you don't need to bring anything. Please feel free to come jusy as you are.
And our church has barrier-free space. You can join service through screen. There is also a rest room which is enough for wheelchair.

Q2, I am just interested in Bible. But actually, I donft want to join worship service.

A2. Please contact the pastor. He will make time for you and answer your questions.

Q3. Is money necessary to join the service?

A3. No, nothing. Certainly, there is an offering box. However, it is not duty like paying an entrace fee.
gOfferingsh are offered to God as a small token of onefs gratitude. Anybody who cannot understand the meaning or who cannot bring money, donft need to make an offering though.