Rev.Yoshikazu Makita
After retiring from his position as principal of Kobe Reformed Theological Seminary,he was inducted in April 2007 as minister of Yamada Reformed Church.
He studied at Kobe Reformed Theological Seminary(Japan), the Theological University in Wuppertal ,the University in Bonn(Germany) and the Theological University in Kampen (Netherlands).
You can contact him in English,German or Dutch..

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We are living in times of much confusion and anxiety. It is the experience all over the world and in Japan among children, young people, adults and elderly people.
It is easy to lose onefs way in these kind of troubled times. One of the problems is that people donft know how to live
However, the Bible says,

gYour word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.h
(the Old Testament, Psalm 119:105)

The words in Bible are true, powerful and certain. It will give your life a brighter light. From the Bible we would like to consider, and meditate what is gthe meaning of lifeh through Bible. Please come to our Church. We will welcome you warmly.

The Christian Reformed Church of Japan
Pastor Yoshikazu Makita